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      China International Fruit & Vegetable Fair 2017

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      China International Fruit & Vegetable Fair 2017

      First-hand Sources for the Global Fresh Produce Industry Platform to Release Official Authoritative Data

      November 17-19
      Beijing Exhibition Center·Beijing
      Supported by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ)
      Organized by: China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA)
                                China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

      Why join us?

      Key platform to Chinese market entry

      Sole official show covering the whole spectrum of the fresh industry
      Close contact with the decision makers of fresh protocols
      Meet the importers and traders who could push the protocol process

      Expand your business horizons

      Chinese market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world
      Witness the increasing numbers of visitors from all of the world
      Quick response to the market information and trend
      Concurrent events covering the whole industry chain

      High quality of service

      365-Day B2B matching platform
      Value-added opportunities marketing opportunities focus on brand building and products promotion
      Market visit & orchard field trips
      Attention to intellectual property rights protection


      Fresh Conference focus on the new insights
      New Products and Promotion Release
      B2B Matching Meeting year round


      covering the whole value chain

      Breeding→Cultivation→Planting→Fresh Produce→Selecting and Grading→Testing and Safety→Packing and Logistics→Marketing and Distributing
      Fresh, Frozen & Dehydrated Produce Products
      Nuts & Processed Produce Products
      Juice, Drinks & Winery
      Herbs & Spices
      Organic & Health Food
      Produce Packing Machinery & Technology
      Post Harvest Machinery & Technology
      Logistics & Cold Chain
      Breeding & Seeding Technology
      Marketing, Research, Consulting & Financial Solutions

      ChinaFVF 2016 Review

      220 exhibitors from 15 countries (40% international & 60% domestic)

      Australia, Belgium, Chile, China (Taiwan is included), Egypt, France, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United States

      11,000 visitors from 31 countries and 28 provinces of China
      Concurrent events deliver the new insights

      Fresh Conference, 16 Forums and Seminars gathering 45 Experts
      Special promotion events for exhibitors, such as Promotion Release for Shaanxi Apples & Hebei Pears, Official Launching for Australian Nectarines to China, etc.
      New & Exotic Products Display Zone Gathering over 60 New and Exotic Varieties with or without Entry Protocol
      400 B2B Matching Meetings
      Flower Arrangement with Fruits And Vegetables
      And much more


        Shell Scheme (3mX3m) Space Only(Minimum 18m²)
        Standard Discount Standard Discount
      A Zone ¥10,800 or $1,800 ¥9,000 or$1,500 ¥1,080 or$180per m² ¥900 or$150 per m²
      B Zone ¥8,500 or $1,400 ¥7200 or$1,200 ¥850 or $140 per m² ¥720 or$120 per m²

      1.Discount applies to: Early birds fully paid before June 30, 2017; Pavilions with 36 m² and above.
      2.Every shell scheme (9 m2) unit includes: Carpet, Hard Wall, Header, 1 Reception Desk, 1 Round Table, 2 Chairs, Lights.


      Exhibit Application


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